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                                     SITE RULES:

1.   Publish photos only natural hairy women (Not Epilated and shaved) or couple.
2.   Prohibited to send photos of single men!!!
3.   Only personal photos, do not download photos from internet
      and say that those are yours,  we are not hicks here
       and we all understand where personal and where stolen.
4.   Photos cannot be smaller than 1024x768 pixels and good definition,
      show all your high professionalism.
5.   Acceptable with open face or if you are shy or fear
      to be recognized so you can blur your face.
6.   In category archive hairy photos updates each day,
      there you can for a minimal fee to see and to watch into
      your collection/ your computer in a big quantity photos
      of amateurs or even professional models.
7.   Category Movie have two sections:
A.   Retro
B.   Modern
A.   In A(Retro) category includes films released till the middle of the 80’s
      thereafter mass shaving hair from actress’s bodies,
      and afterbirth movies after the 90’s is not interest
      us no more EXCEPT specialized movies with hairy theme
      and here they are published in sector
B    (Modern)- All the movies there are dedicated hairy women
      and fetish hair on women’s body. All movies in those sectors
      updates each day and for a minimal fee you can download them
      for your collection, then to enjoy the viewing.
8.   Order movies and photos set this is a novelty in our web-site
      and if you didn’t found what you have searched for and that to see
      and download so you can leave your order movies that interest you
      and photo sets and if in my collection I have what you searching for,
      I will fulfill with pleasure your order. Only write the name without any errors
      or the name of the model of the photo set.
9.   Now I have request for you, you have friends you all have friends
      by correspondence, comrades and even victims I would happy if you
      recommend them this site, and send them the link of our site.
      Many of you write blogs or write comments on other sites,
      don’t forget to recommend our site or place a link of our site.
      When we are many so it will be interesting to have fun here.

                   Web-master of this site.



     Registred clients on the site are agreed to accept mails from the site

     on his/her emails written in the registration. Does who that don't want

     or refuses to get letters from the site just put a check/tick on the box

    "hiding" the emails on his profile.

     And then he/she will not get letters from this site.


P.S.   Write me your wishes and comments, and make this site
           the most popular in his category!
                           -Thank you!