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Refinements in Love

Refinements in Love (1971)

This is one wacky film relic. If you made a check list of all the camp ingredients you would want in a retro mondo sex movie doc -- you would end up with REFINEMENTS IN LOVE.

Phony sex institute acknowledgements? Check. Thematic folk songs with pointed lyrics? Check. Movie THEME complete with string orchestra? Check. Weird credits (as in they don;t appear until 40 minutes into the movie! That must be some kind of record...) Check. Verite footage of sex movie premiere circa 1970? Check. Interview with director ludicrously superimposed on a TV as if it is being featured on the \"news\"? Check. Bogus sweaty doctor using unorthodox methods to cure a frigid female? Check. Talcum powder sex scene? Check. Wildly inflated claim of social importance to sexual freedom? (hint: atomic explosion as negative result). Check. Mind-stopping narration by celebrltiy? Check. Early uncredited appearance by legendary sex kitten? Check.

I could go on but you get the idea. This one is truly packed with entertainment value. Plus it is actually an interesting document of that era (besides the laughs), and last but not least, it delivers the goods skin-wise too.

I won\'t admit to having a collection of porno, maybe I don\'t? This was one a long time ago. I love these kinds of movies that are a time capsule of the evolution of sex. Back in the day young people believed there was a future for this society and that sex was the vehicle for personal and cultural transformation. Wow how naive. A couple of wars later sex is and looks meaner and \"trimmer\"?. And it\'s funny too see people way back when trying to have sex, But they just make love. Yes they\'re nude and we can see hard ons and intercourse but really it\'s not a turn-on. Alas there is no fear or intimidation, whats the point. Maybe I\'m jaded because of my non-existent pornos. But it\'s like being The best man at my friends wedding, Im just looking at him thinking: You poor fool. Fantastic scene with a \"Doctor\" that is giving his patient her first orgasm. Funny how she re-emerges througout the movie in other scenes. I guess he really jump-started her? Charming movie. Back in the day I doubt a girl would go out with me twice due to my compulsive need for a razor.


Liz Renay
Devon Mayer
Jim Mayer
Anita de Moulin
Ron Darby
Edwig Sands
Geoffrey W. Patterson
James Fuller
Santiago Burvell
Bill St. Pierre
Danny Sanders
Paul Herbert
Roland Peters
Micky Hanes

A \"Penetrating\" Look at the 1970s Sexual Culture!