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Bloomer Girl Aka Panty Girls

Bloomer Girl Aka Panty Girls 1972

Cyndee Summers
Rene Bond

Rick Cassidy
Rick Lutze
Franklin Anthony

This features Rene Bond after her breast enhancements and her oral skills are clearly up to the highest standards of porn movies. She has two girl-on-girl encounters and then pleasures Ric Lutze her real life boyfriend. Cyndee Summers also takes on Lutze and a muscle bound stud in some hot hetero action. The plot revolves around Lutze as a panty manufacturer who employs Summers and an unidentified large breasted girl as models for his line of panties. When two prospective buyers and Bond arrive the action gets going with all three couple getting it on causing a jealous Rene to get into a cat fight with Summers and the fur starts flying.