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porno Vintage scenes 1920

These films go back some 80+ years and are the oldest I\'ve personally watched. It\'s not surprising to encounter a variety of damage and deterioration and dropped frames. While I am far from an expert, I do get the sense that loving care has gone into the collection and presentation of these shorts. Since I can usually see the action through the scratches, I\'ve made a generous allowance for the age of the material when rating the visual quality. The movies are black-and-white and silent, of course. Many include explanatory text cards in French. I can sorta-kinda read French, so I\'ll do my best to provide rough translations in the scene descriptions. It appears that the films are no longer in their original aspect ratio, alas, since some of the text is cut off at the edges. The audio includes an original orchestral score by Marcel Fragonard et le Epopée de Culté Sinfonletta. The music has a lovely period feel and suits the visuals very nicely.