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Mit gurke und banane

Mit gurke und banane (1978)
Alois Brummer
Steve Burgess
Fritzi Ross
Christine Szenetra
Gisela Krauss
Sonja Muller
Helga Wild
Karin Lorson
Sepp Gneissl
Johannes Buzalski
Angelika Hefner

Patrick (called Ferdinand in the original German release), who is keen on bananas spends his time fantasising. He imagines himself in the bathroom with his landlady. At the office, he sees himself as the manager honoured by his secretary (Gisela Krauss). His main fantasy is about himself swimming in the sea at wintertime with a gorgeous blonde to whom he makes love afterwards. One day he sees a blonde (Christine Szenetra, possibly a different blonde from the one on the beach) in the flesh in the underground, follows her but she vanishes. While working on a meter (electricity meter?) he gets electrocuted and believes himself to be in some sexual paradise. When he comes to, his fantasies become even more frequent. He sees everybody copulating. A psychiatrist (Johannes Buzalski) tries an experiment on him but the lab ends up by exploding. Wandering aimlessly at night, Patrick spots the girl of his dream inside a McDonald\'s and speaks to her. They go to a dance hall and the ensuing night is one of sheer pleasure. Patrick is now cured of his fantasies.

Runtime: 1:13::20