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Angel Number 9

Angel Number 9 Aka Angel On Fire 1974
cast + crew
Roberta Findlay- Director
Darby Lloyd Rains- Stephanie
Jamie Gillis-Photographer
Jennifer Jordan\\-Angel Number 9
Mark Stevens-Driver
Alan Marlow-Actor
Eric Edwards-Actor
Elmen Steel-Actor
Judy Craven-Actor
Regina Lee-Actor
Sandy Fox-Actor
Roberta Findlay-screenplay
Roberta Findlay-Producer

(Usa - Darby Lloyd Rains,Jennifer Jordan,Judy Craven,Etc)
Heartless, despicable womanizer is reincarnated as a woman who then falls for a heartless, despicable womanize
A creep of a ladies-man dies in an accident, and meets \"Angel No. 9,\" complete with tan lines. His punishment for abusing so many women? Naturally, to return to earth as a woman, just to see how it feels. The fellow\'s new incarnation tests her new body by making it with the driver who ran him/her down. Ultimately, he/she discovers what a bad guy he once was.

Steven is an uncaring man who seduces a lot of women. When his girlfriend gets pregnant he tells her to get out of his life. After a car accident, Steven dies and comes to heaven. But his punishment is to return to Earth as Stephanie and can only return to heaven if he can fall in love with a man just like Steven.