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Reggiseni e mutandine

Reggiseni e mutandine 1982
(Michel Caputo as Michel Jean) [1982 г., classic, lesbian, DVDRip] (Sweet Sexy Slips, Seduce me Tonight, Reggiseni e mutandine, Pupe reggiseni e mutandine, Petites culottes chaudes et mouillées)
Richard Lemieuvre, Alban Ceray, France Lomay, Uschi Karnat, Hélène Shirley, Claudine Gauthier, Somchit Traymany, Guia Lauri Filzi, Isabelle Brel, Dominique Saint Claire, Catherine Greiner, Claudine Aubert, Aurore Legay, Ingrid Blandow, Jean-Pierre Armand, Dominique Aveline, Marianne Aubert, Jacques Couderc, Ursula Gaussmann, Claire Lenoir, Olivier Mathot, Emmanuelle Parèze, Nadine Pascal, Mario Pollak

Womanising Italian lingerie entrepreneur Ricardo Bertini tries to launch his newest collection in France, and - as you do - bed the local talent along the way. Problem is: his pretty new secretary Lisa won\'t play ball; partly because of his womanising, and partly because she rather plays doll, especially with her girlfriend Minouche. Then there is a plot twist as Ricardo gets kidnapped by the local brainless criminals - a nice opportunity for the director to fit some bondage scenes in; poor Ricardo suffers some abuse many men would pay good money for. Ricardo cannot pay the ransom, as he\'s broke, but Lisa (who comes from a wealthy family) bails him out and eventually true love prevails.