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Intimate Realities 2

Intimate Realities 2-- 1983

A hostess interviews six known porn stars about their real life. Each genuine interview is followed by a fictional clip that turns their alleged private fantasies (including the hostess\') into intimate realities.
Kay Parker interviews six known porn stars about their career and real persona. After each genuine interview, a clip with almost no dialogue turns what is allegedly their private fantasies into intimate realities. Becky Savage wants a mystery man to just show up in her spa and pleasure her. Crystal Lake gets turned on by \"finding out\" her boyfriend is a sex toy maker. Tara Aire likes to be a weightlifter who has a lesbian encounter with a blond trainee. Rosemarie wants to use her experience with her showering husband. Laura Sands likes to have a threesome with the couple in a porn film she\'s watching. The final interviewee is Eric Edwards, but the fantasy he acts in belongs to Kay Parker, who wants to be a limo driver who enters the back sit to have sex with a surprised hitchhiker

John Christopher
Jesse Adams, Tara Aire and Claudine ,Kay Parker,Becky Savage,Crystal Lake